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Plastic laminate countertops are still the most affordable surface and it is still the most popular because they have no grout lines and are easy to clean.

We offer the broadest selection of colors from Wilsonart, Formica, Pionite and Nevamar, allowing us to meet any custom design.

You can choose a plastic laminate countertop and have a seamless backsplash that can go all the way up to your upper cabinets for a nice, clean look.

This is called a ‘full cove’ and we are the only countertop manufacturer in Utah that has the equipment to manufacture this kind of countertop. With plastic laminate, you can mix and match edge styles and colors to give your kitchen the perfect look you want.


solid-surface-countertopsSolid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops are nonporous for resistance to stains, grime and bacteria making it extremely durable, long lasting and easy to clean and maintain.

These products offer a 10 and 15 year limited warranty, depending on which product you choose. This surface allows marks and scratches to be removed easily and restored to its original condition.

With these products ability to resist bacteria, you can feel secure that you’re doing your best to prevent your family from exposure to bacteria causing problems. Elegant in appearance and these products create a look that can easily mix and match with the many looks of any home.


granite-countertopsGranite Countertops

Granite countertops are scratch resistant!

Granite is a combination of quartz, crystals and minerals that creates one of the strongest countertop surfaces.

It is a natural resource, so no two slabs are identical. Granite has a natural elegance about it and will enhance any room, whether in your kitchen or your bath.

Quartz is made of the hardest minerals found in nature. These countertops are scratch, stain and heat resistant and are the most durable. Quartz offers a wide variety of colors that offer a lot of depth and radiance to your home.